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Javan Informatics Group

The company Informatics Group Javan, trading under the name JIG, was founded by a group of senior experts in the fields of software, hardware, networking, electronics, and executive-commercial managers, with the guidance of experienced consultants and professors. Since its inception, this company has been providing diverse and effective services in line with its mission and vision, based on market needs in the main ICT activities for the implementation of information technology projects in various fields to the large community of Iran (including organizations, institutions, and both public and private companies).

Areas of Activity for Informatics Group Javan:

The operational focus of Informatics Group Javan is based on the consideration and utilization of innovative, creative, and inventive ideas, as well as the full use of contemporary knowledge to achieve customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of service quality, and the establishment of the most specialized center for offering innovative IT solutions, computer networks, programming, network projects, the Internet of Things, network and information security, and IT training. Based on this philosophy, we always strive to excel in all aspects of management, engineering, product quality, and after-sales services.

Why the services of the javan informatics group

Many companies provide support and maintenance services, but there are very few service providers that offer software, hardware, network, and data center services with the speed, precision, up-to-date knowledge, and the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Most only rely on their experience and reputation to deliver their services.

As a support service company, Informatics Group Javan strives to expedite problem resolution to achieve maximum client satisfaction, providing phone, online, and on-site support services in the best and quickest manner possible.

Informatics Group Javan offers a range of services, including the setup and support of software, hardware, network, and data centers, with the highest quality and the latest global standards. This ensures that the services provided will have minimal issues and errors in the future and will function optimally.

“Javan Informatics Group”

Some of the services of Javan Informatics Group

Network Infrastructure

  • Consultation, design, and implementation of LAN and WAN networks
  • Network support and maintenance contracts
  • Hardware and software network updates
  • Establishing connectivity between branches of organizations and departments

Network Management

  • Managing and controlling user access to files and other network resources
  • Monitoring and reporting on user activities
  • Backing up data
  • Controlling and updating operating systems and antivirus software

Network Security

  • Implementing software and hardware firewalls
  • Managing and monitoring bandwidth
  • Setting up and supporting network-based antivirus solutions

Specialized Solutions

  • Setting up email servers: Exchange, MDaemon
  • Setting up VoIP (Voice over IP) systems
  • Implementing and supporting Citrix (remote access to software)


  • Server virtualization using HYPER-V and VMware


  • HPE servers
  • Cisco equipment
  • Networking and security equipment
  • VoIP equipment
  • Computers and peripheral office equipment
  • Custom software solutions

Information technology has transformed today’s world into a comprehensive platform for service delivery. From providing government services electronically to facilitating banking and healthcare, the presence of this ever-reliable companion is evident in all areas. With the reliance on information technology, services are available 24/7 without geographical limitations, and processes are carried out with remarkable speed.

This significantly enhances the satisfaction of people, who are the most important stakeholders in these services. Undoubtedly, information technology plays an indispensable role in improving the quality of human life and delivering better services to people.