Services and solutions offered by the Javan Informatics Group

Young Informatics Group strives to provide the best support services in software, hardware, networking, data centers, and security domains at competitive prices to various groups. We aim to deliver these services to our customers with the highest quality and the most up-to-date solutions in the shortest possible time.

Consultation and support

Consultation & Support

Consultation and Support Consultation, maintenance, and IT support services are among the most crucial needs for companies and organizations, enabling them to focus solely on their core business instead of daily technical challenges. Every day, we witness companies wasting time, energy, and resources due to their employees’ daily struggles with technical issues. These issues can easily be resolved not only by having a specialized support team and employing proper technology solutions but also can be transformed into organizational strengths, contributing to its growth and development.

Why Use Javan IT Group Consultation?

Access to a team of top experts in the field of information technology and communications Proven track record of providing specialized services to leading companies in various industries Offering the most suitable prices alongside the highest quality services Providing services compliant with ITIL, ISMS, and ISO 9001 standards Regular periodic reporting on the status of operations along with relevant solutions


Hardware Center of Javan IT Group, as a specialized department, thoroughly investigates and identifies users’ needs in various computer and electronic products. By establishing separate sections for sales and support, this center has taken a significant step towards providing more desirable services to users. In line with the core motto of customer orientation, experienced individuals have been selected to deliver specialized services to users and visitors. At the Hardware Center, you will find the most advanced tools and repair equipment used to enhance the quality of repair services. Focusing on two fundamental pillars of repair—skilled workforce and efficient tools—has enabled almost all electronic device issues to be solvable at the Hardware Center of Young IT Group, providing users with complete assurance. These achievements, coupled with adherence to regulations, have positioned the center as the most specialized and reputable among its competitors.

Some of the services provided by Javan Group’s Hardware Division include:

  • Sales, repair, replacement, and technical support for various computer systems (laptops and desktops)
  • Sales, repair, replacement, and technical support for hardware components (CPU, motherboard, hard drive, RAM, graphics card)
  • Technical support for various servers and periodic hardware servicing
  • Installation and setup of CCTV security systems
  • Consultation on selecting suitable hardware equipment based on user needs
  • Assembly of personal, professional, and server computers
  • Comprehensive inspection and troubleshooting of system hardware
  • Optimization and upgrade of system hardware
  • Support contract agreements with companies
  • On-site hardware services for various office machines (printers, fax machines, scanners, UPS, and peripherals)
  • Sale of computer peripherals (monitors, speakers, mouse and keyboard, webcam, modems, portable hard drives)
  • Repair and replacement of all office machine parts
  • On-site services tailored for companies



A part of the software services offered at the Javan Informatics Group’s Service and Specialist Repair Center includes specialized system automation and administrative programming, as well as providing software solutions for facilitating sales, warranty tracking, and support. Additional services offered include installation and support for operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, CentOS, etc. At Javan Informatics Group, all general and specialized software services are provided. This encompasses specialized software troubleshooting, driver issue resolution, software problem-solving, installation of general and specialized software, and any required software-related services.

Installation and troubleshooting related to drivers

One of the major issues encountered in the breakdown of personal computers and laptops is often related to driver issues. If not correctly identified by inexperienced technicians, it may lead to part replacement and impose heavy costs on the customer. Thanks to the experience and expertise of our skilled professionals at this center, we diagnose such issues accurately and resolve them efficiently with minimal cost and in the shortest possible time.

Specialized software troubleshooting

With years of practical experience and up-to-date knowledge, Javan Informatics Group offers the highest quality software services. Troubleshooting various operating systems and fixing software issues, including specialized software, is among the specialties of the JavanInformatics Group’s Service and Specialist Repair Center.

Installation of original operating systems and software

The software team at Javan Informatics Group is ready to provide services such as installing various operating systems, different antivirus software, and various specialized applications.

Support and Networking

Support and Networking

The interdependence of systems and the proliferation of computer networks have necessitated senior managers in organizations to consistently monitor the latest status of network peripherals to assess the functionality and performance of their managed organization. Network services and computer network support are currently among the foremost needs of companies, institutions, and organizations in the field of information technology. The pervasive influence of information technology across all business sectors has underscored a critical and urgent need for the maintenance and support of computers, network equipment, and related services for business owners. Regular maintenance and repair of computer systems mitigate many issues arising from network neglect and prevent persistent disruptions in your computer networks. Given the critical importance of network and computer system monitoring and support, it may be advantageous for you to consider outsourcing the maintenance and support of your network to a network maintenance and support company. Network support, or network maintenance, is one of the most essential activities of the Javan Informatics Group. This organization has devoted its efforts to providing the best network support, computer, hardware, and software services to its clients. These services encompass a range of offerings aimed at preventing and resolving network issues effectively.

Provision of Documentation and Reports

All activities carried out by the specialists of the Javan Informatics Group for your organization’s network are thoroughly documented. Reports are provided to managers at intervals determined by the organization. The experts of the Javan Informatics Group are always ready to offer advice on network support services to the organization’s managers. If the organization requests a consultation session, Javan Informatics Group will dispatch its experts to the organization’s premises to address the needs, questions, and issues related to your network.

Network Analysis and Troubleshooting

The experts of the Javan Informatics Group create a map that documents the network equipment and the current status of the network. They conduct various tests to ensure the network equipment, including network cables, servers, switches, routers, and all devices, are functioning correctly. They also review all programs and services running on the servers. If any issues are found, they diagnose the network infrastructure and provide reports to the managers.

Network Optimization

The services of the Javan Informatics Group in network support also include the renovation and correction of pre-designed networks. Addressing hardware issues is a high priority, and faulty equipment is promptly repaired or replaced. You can consult with the Javan Informatics Group for higher efficiency and increased network performance.



Hosting services, also known as Web Hosting, involve providing space to host users’ information. This information typically includes files containing images, videos, and other files and services related to a website or cloud-based automation services. In the shared web hosting method offered by Javan Informatics Group, server resources are shared among multiple sites or users. Shared hosting services allow users to significantly reduce their costs. Users who lack technical knowledge about server operations can use the shared server without the need to set up their own server. Certainly, sites with fewer images and videos can be hosted in larger numbers on a single server, while sites with a lot of visual content will be fewer in number. Therefore, it can be said that there is no specific standard for the number of sites hosted by a single server.

Shared web hosting at Javan Informatics Group is provided according to global standards based on two operating systems: Linux and Windows. One of the features of the hosting services at Javan Informatics Group is the support it offers. The engineers and specialists at Javan Informatics Group monitor the servers around the clock and will resolve any issues that arise as quickly as possible.

Web design


Website Design

Website design is one of the most essential needs for all businesses today. A system that can operate 24/7 without time limitations, does not require a workforce, and more—all are possible with website design. With the Young Informatics Group, you can have the desired website for your business and achieve the best results.

How long does it take to design a website?

The time required to design a website depends entirely on a series of specific factors. These factors include the type of website you need, the content management system used for its design, your expectations from the website, and the overall working conditions. However, if we talk about how long it takes for the Young Informatics Group to deliver a website, we should say that we will deliver your website within 25 days. Although this usually happens, conditions may vary, and this time might extend. This timeline, however, should not prevent us from performing the necessary tasks for the project. It should also be noted that completing the project on time requires full cooperation from both parties involved in the contract. Additionally, in some specific cases, this timeline might extend further, but our team strives to deliver the website to you as quickly as possible to avoid any disruption in your business.

How to Manage a Website?

The website designed for you will have a dedicated panel that allows you to manage all aspects related to your site. If your website is designed using a CMS (for example, WordPress), you will be provided with the WordPress panel, and the necessary and easy-to-use plugins for managing your site will be installed. If you have a custom website, a custom panel will be designed for you. For both methods, comprehensive training on using the panels and managing the website will be provided after the site is delivered to you.

In addition to the training we provide after completing the website design, you can also easily learn how to work with the WordPress panel by visiting the Persian WordPress site, where you can find all related tutorials. Another important task after designing your website is content creation. Content creation is not only good for increasing your website’s visibility but also helps your users become more familiar with your services and builds trust with them.

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