One of the main specializations of the Javan Informatics Group is the selection and supply of server products and equipment. Today, we hold a significant share of the domestic market for these products.

A server is a computer or software system that provides services and resources to other computers or users in a network. Servers are typically used for managing, storing, processing, and distributing data and information. Generally, servers can be categorized into different types based on the services they provide and their specific applications.

Types of Servers:

  • Physical Server
  • Virtual Server
  • Dedicated Server
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Server Hardware Resources

What is meant by server hardware resources and configuration? A server consists of specialized hardware components designed to deliver the highest levels of processing power and performance. Typically, servers utilize powerful processors with multiple physical and virtual cores, high RAM capacity, and hard drives with multi-terabyte capacities.

Given this level of power and performance, a server must be maintained in an environment where it can operate continuously, 24/7, and remain connected to the internet without any interruptions. The server’s purpose in this setup is to effectively respond to numerous user requests.

Server Operating Systems

The types of software and operating systems used on servers can vary. The choice of operating system and installed software depends on the goals and needs of site administrators and other businesses. Common operating systems and software installed on servers include:

  • Linux Operating System: All Linux distributions can be installed on servers.
  • Windows Operating System: All versions of Windows support installation on servers.
  • Virtualization Software: Some servers use virtualization software such as VMware ESX.