The Hardware Center of the Javan Informatics Group, as a specialized department, has thoroughly assessed and identified the needs of users in the field of various computer and electronic products. This center has taken an effective step towards providing better services to users by establishing separate sections for sales and support. In line with achieving the main slogan of this group, which is customer orientation, the staff have been selected from among the most experienced individuals to offer specialized services to users and visitors. At the Hardware Center, you will find the most advanced repair tools and equipment, which are used to improve the quality of repair services. Attention to the two fundamental pillars of repair, namely specialized personnel and efficient tools, has ensured that almost all problems of electronic devices can be solved at the Hardware Center of the Javan Informatics Group, giving users complete confidence in this regard. The aforementioned factors, along with adherence to the law, have made this center the most specialized and reputable among its competitors.

  • Sales, repair, replacement, and technical support for all types of computer systems (laptops and PCs)
  • Sales, repair, replacement, and technical support for hardware components (processors, motherboards, hard drives, RAM, graphics cards)
  • Technical support for various servers and periodic hardware maintenance
  • Installation and setup of CCTV security systems
  • Consultation on selecting suitable hardware based on user needs
  • Assembly and setup of personal, professional, and server computers
  • Comprehensive hardware inspection and diagnostics
  • System hardware optimization and upgrades
  • Support contracts with companies
  • On-site hardware services
  • Sales of various office machines (printers, faxes, scanners, UPS devices, and accessories)
  • Sales of computer peripherals (monitors, speakers, mice and keyboards, webcams, modems, portable hard drives)
  • Repair and replacement of all office machine components
    On-site services (for companies)